We're hiring talent for one of our clients in the USA. Information about the company and job is below.

About The Start Up

The Start Up is a studio with offices in Romania that is now building a team in Nicaragua. The start up is an established company that has a great and stable client base. Our clients are American startups from Silicon Valley, and we’re also developing our own product.

We’re launching a new, world-class product at the intersection of web, augmented reality, and blockchain. Enthusiasm among early users is overwhelming, and so is interest from American Venture Capitalists (VCs).

We’re looking for Nicaraguan talent to join our quickly growing team: talented developers, product designers, QA testers, and social media marketers to contribute to our product and our clients’ products.

  • We offer a casual and flexible work environment and are currently working remotely/from home

  • We work in an Scrum/Agile manner, and the members of our cross-functional teams are all in contact with our clients

  • Our developers are the ones who choose the architecture, technologies and conventions for a project

  • We have a dynamic and engaging environment where you have the chance to learn new technologies and languages, including blockchain, AR, VR, etc.



The start up always operates according to its core values. When we started the start up, we identified values that we all deeply believe in on a personal level, and to which we wanted our business to commit itself. Our three values are honesty, reliability, and growth. The start up strives to be honest at all times, to be reliable no matter what, and to grow together with its partners. 


Designing, developing, and delivering for startups as true entrepreneurial partners.


Empowering startups and entrepreneurs to achieve their full potential.

About the position

  • Full-time

  • 3+ years experience

  • $1200-$4000/month, depending on level of experience

  • Flexible schedule


  • Technical background or knowledge (Computer Science studies or QA work experience)

  • Creative approach: you can readily identify requirements and scope out relevant negative/positive scenarios at every stage of the process

  • Attentive to details: good QAs recognize the importance of detailed, specific information into the precise nature of a flaw, including details on how it can be reproduced

  • Objective: your ability to offer objective insight into the validity of any features/changes/application is just as important as your ability to verify code

  • Experience with testing techniques (such as UI Testing, Automated Testing, Test-Driven Development Strategies and others) or QA knowledge is a great bonus

  • Good understanding of user experience and ability to look at a feature from multiple users’ perspectives and identify where a certain feature could have flaws

  • Good handling of the English language is a requirement

  • Great attention to detail, results-driven mindset, and good problem-solving skills

  • Team player who is also self-reliant and can manage their own work

  • Enjoys working in an Agile manner


Day-to-day, you will be:

  • Performing manual tests and creating frameworks for automation testing;

  • Reviewing product specifications and develop appropriate test strategies and detailed test plans

  • Assessing impacts of bugs and issues

  • Investigating product quality in order to make improvements to achieve better customer satisfaction

  • Collaborating with the project manager to ensure consistent project execution

  • Designing, preparing, recording and maintaining all SQA engineering test scripts

  • Reviewing other’s code to assure constancy and validate design and execution of solutions

  • Preparing automated test solutions utilizing state-of-the-art software testing practices and tools

  • Performing, alongside software development engineers, product design, walk-through, code reviews and product lifecycle inspections

To apply, please send your CV to